Fr, 03.10 – 10:00 – Workshop Slot 4 - Improvisation

Fr, 03.10 – 16:30 – Workshop Slot 2 - Musical Leadership

Sa, 04.10 – 10:00 – Workshop Slot 4 - DJ and Vocals

Sa, 04.10 – 16:40 – Workshop Slot 4 – Listening exercises & alternative circle songs


ACHTUNG: Die Workshops sind in Englisch!


Let’s sing freely and have fun! This is not about music on a page, but about the music of the moment.
Through a number of informal exercises, we will create exciting soundscapes, do spontaneous harmonies, and jam up cool grooves.
We will also look into ad libbing on regular songs; how to make up melodies “on the fly”.
P.S. It’s not dangerous at all!

DJ and vocals

In this workshop, you will be guided through a soundscape of voices and electronics by Morten Kjær and his producer/DJ friends, Lars Rønne and Tue Sander.
We will study and sing short pieces of music together, and while Morten teaches from behind his piano, Lars and Tue use their Ableton Live and talk box set-ups.
Together, we will improvise and create “loops”, using computers and overhead microphones.
Lars Rønne and Tue Sander will also demonstrate how they use their technical equipment.
This workshop is for everyone (not just tech nerds)!

Musical Leadership

Learn to how to lead your co-singers and how to follow.
Through different exercises, we will take turns being the “musical boss” – guiding each other in fun, surprising musical directions.
Morten Kjær will teach some simple songs, and there will be plenty of opportunity for everyone to take leadership.
The workshop will also contain some movement and other “stage exercises”.

Listening exercises & alternative circle songs

In this workshop, we will focus on the way that we LISTEN – to our own voices and to each others voices.
Morten Kjær will demonstrate how to create different timbres and sounds with our instrument.
Through circle songs, games and simple improvisation, we will try and imitate each other and explore the many fantastic sounds and grooves that the human voice can create.


Morten Kier by Ted Sun ( Kjær is a platinum-award-winning artist out of Copenhagen, Denmark.

For a period of 10 years, he was a singer and Assistant Musical Director in Vocal Line. Along with Malene Rigtrup, he founded Ørehænger that specializes in workshops for singers and choir leaders and publishes books and sheet-music.

In 2010, Morten Kjær relocated to LA, continuing to expand his career as a recording and performing artist.

He sings with the vocal group M-Pact and directs a new choir that he founded: Top Shelf. Morten also collaborates with producers from both Europe and the US, and his alternative electro/soul “Trilogy” release that came out in 2013 is the result of these transatlantic meetings.


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